Spinotterie Piemontesi, thank to his know-how acquired in the 50 years of the company's life combined with a dynamic and flexible organization, it is the ideal partner with which to establish a valid and collaborative supply relationship.

Our company has set the following points in order to meet growing market demands as well as the rise of competitors from low-cost countries:

  • cost containment, through optimization of production processes;
  • management of small-medium production lots with reduction of delivery lead times;
  • high quality standards.

Spinotterie Piemontesi, certain of facing the challenges that the future holds, considers the Quality a key principle of the company strategy and for this reason puts it at the center of the development policies that envisage:

  • Satisfy the Customer's needs through the compliance of contractual, technical and quality requirements;
  • Increase product and service reliability;
  • Strengthen and optimize its Quality Management System;
  • Strengthen the level of competence, professionalism, involvement and motivation of the employees;
  • Make adequate resources available (structures, plants, machines and equipments) with targeted investment management;
  • Systematically measure business performance risk to increase results.